Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Tomintoul is a small town located in the Cairngorm National Park (about an hour's drive from us). It is, apparently, the highest town in Britain. The Winters are pretty rough here and it has always had a reputation for being the remotest location in Scotland and therefore during the last Century a hive of illegal stills!
Some views of the surrounding countryside
The town is quaint and supports 7,000 residents
Sometimes the snow gets so high that the roads to the Town must be closed - this is a picture of a snow gate.

During the depths of Winter, the folk used to sit by their peat fires and sip the water of life - they clearly knew what they were doing as the world now clamours for Tomintoul and Glenlivet Whisky!

Closer to us is are the ruins of Auchindoun Castle. There are many castles around us.

Once a mighty fortress, built around 1479 for the Earl of Mar. It did not have a good history and bad things happened here.
All over the Bluebells have sprung up and look beautiful. This year has been a god Spring and we are seeing  more flowers in our little wood, everywhere actually. 
The mild weather has ensured good pastures and lots of beautiful lambs.

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