Monday, 26 May 2014

Views travelling down South

I had to travel down to Norwich and I thought I would attach a few views of the journey :

Not a direct route, but going down through the Cairngorm mountain range past Braemar (where Balmoral Castle is situated) is a hauntingly remote and sparse area, but the views are very lovely nevertheless :

Balmoral Castle 

The down through the town of Blairgowrie

Past the spectacular Blair Castle

Past the town of Stirling and Stirling Castle where Mary Queen of Scots took refuge

and into Glasgow - a rather shabby City

Then down to the Lowlands passing near to Gretna which is virtually on the border where eloping English couples used to come to get instantly married at the Blacksmith's forge!

Then down the Motorway to Penrith

and then travelling through the Fenlands of Lincolnshire and Norfolk where Church spires and towers are easily seen across the flat lands

Into Norwich which is an impressive City with a wonderful Cathedral and Castle

I stopped in at a tiny Georgian town called Hingham with it's charming town square where Paula's Mum spent her last days in a Nursing Home

Travelling back along the East Coast one eventually comes to Coldstream - where the Coldstream Guards come from ;

then back up past Dalwhinnie Distillery

and home - Craigellachie town

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