Sunday, 13 September 2015

Blair Castle - an unusual story

The 12th Duke of Atholl inherited the title from his father, the 11th Duke. The 11th Duke was John Murray and lived in Johannesburg and practiced as a land surveyor. His son lives in Louis Trichardt, South Africa. The castle and titles devolved on these distant cousins who have hardly ever set foot in Scotland! The 12th Duke goes to Scotland once a year but does not seem much interested in keeping up tradition.


Walled Garden


Views of Warwick and Woodstock

Warwick's early Hospital

Typical old houses

We stayed in this Inn built around 1471

Woodstock is still largely unspoilt and lovely.

All time favourite - Rousham Park

Rousham Park was built c. 1635 and substantially altered by William Kent c. 1738. The garden is, apparently, the only garden which was designed by Kent that has been left intact. The formal part of the garden has no flowers and is surrounded by a Ha-Ha and wonderful sculptural views. The picture changes dramatically when one enters the walled garden.

Praeneste, Townsends building

Lower Cascade

Octagonal Pond

Upper Cascade

The ingenious water system which allows the water to flow down a gully linking all the ponds together.

Arcade by Kent

Heyford stone bridge built in 1255 and still carrying traffic today

Pasture with Ha-Ha and Hall in the distance

Dying Gladiator

Walled garden entrance

 House and dovecot

Garden with Norman Church c1200 in the background

Interior of the dovecot (pigeons were a vital source of protein in Winter)

Stable Block

Some views of Oxford

In her youth, Paula worked in Oxford and she took me around the town.It was fairly late in the evening, but I did manage to take some pictures of this ancient seat of learning.

All Souls quad

Bridge of Sighs

 Chemistry building

Oxford is considered a highly desirable place for Indian and Chinese students and the ultimate status is to hold a function in one of the colleges. This is an Indian group

 Magdalen College

Magdalen College and Chapel

Radcliffe Camera

Rhodes House with Cecil John Rhodes statue at the top

 Sheldonian Theatre

Nymans Garden, West Sussex

This garden was created by Ludwig Messel, a wealthy Jewish German Stockbroker in the 1890's He remodelled the house which, unfortunately, burnt down in the 1920's. Part of the house was rebuilt and is now open for public viewing. The garden is the most interesting and here are some pictures