Thursday, 10 April 2014

Daffodils and Spring

We have finally demolished the old pub in the nearby town of Forres and are getting ready for building the 4 apartments and 2 town houses.

Paula is solidly tackling the garden. I have been moving many many wheelbarrows of rocks and old concrete edging . We had a machine in to rip out some plants which had incredible root systems. Here she is in January hard at work

The Snowdrops were the first to appear in February/March

Then the Crocuses came along in March - these are taken in the Forres park

In April (some say 1 month earlier than normal due to the mild Winter) came the Daffodils and what a display!
Our front garden
In our little wood

There is a bank along the road which is renowned for it's wild Primroses. Primroses have not been so profuse this years and 
one must look quite carefully, but they are special

Paula's horses have settled in and they will soon to be able to spend the nights out of doors, once it gets a bit warmer.

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