Thursday, 19 December 2013

Before and After

I am sorry we have been so long in posting another Blog, but whilst the majority of the work took 12 months, lots of small details and painting still had to be done so the whole project took 18 months to complete.

 The West side before with the later added porch.
Removing porch and windows etc.


 Moving round to the front. There was a lean-to sun room.

 The same corner with the tower added and the sun room gone. Now our front entrance.

a wee bit of snow

The back yard had two outbuildings; both were in very bad condition. Both were demolished and rebuilt.

 Back of house with part of the outbuilding roof visible.
 The other outbuilding - now our stables
 Here the outbuilding has gone. The building team are casting concrete in the house.
 The new outbuilding - now our garage - on the right.
 The other new outbuilding houses our heating room, store and stables. The yard is much more spacious now. The slates have been fitted, but the rooves are waiting for the terracotta ridging to be fitted as soon as the weather will allow

The front entrance gate looked like this .....
 It now looks like this ....

The driveway looked like this


The front of the house before

 With the windows and sun room removed
 After with the new entrance tower

 I could not resist putting in this picture to remind one how the house looked after all the woodwork on the ground and first floors had been removed
 The kitchen with it's fancy cast iron range
 After - The kitchen units were made by Cape Heritage Furniture in Stellenbosch copying our previous kitchen

 Dining room before

Drawing room before

Living room before including the passage and stairs which were all removed to open up the space.


 The Library before - there was an adjoining passage and outer door which were removed to open up the room.

 The library bookcases were made by Cape Heritage Furniture in Stellenbosch and flat packed.

The back stairs were removed and replaced in the same position.
 Back door adjoining the stairs
 View from the top

Main Bedroom

 Main bathroom

Bedroom 3

 Bedroom 3 bathroom

Bedroom 5
 Bedroom 5 bathroom

Upstairs Sitting room consisted of  a small bedroom with an adjoining drywall passage now removed.
 Now, but waiting for proper furniture and decoration

Sun Room - demolished to make way for the entrance tower
 Replaced with entrance tower

 The sun room used to be panelled and an unique feature was the height measurements on some of the boards going back to 1897. Various families children were recorded here so we reincorporated these into the Guest Loo
 Upstairs Landing. The chandelier comes from Malmesbury
 Upstairs passage leading to bedrooms
Job done. In January we start on building 4 Apartments and 2 Town Houses in an adjoining town -just to keep my hand in!

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  1. I am so charmed with your beautiful house! You have done miracles. I'm so glad you have the before and after pics as no-one would believe the change otherwise! Keep us blogged as well with your next endeavours - you keep us fascinated!