Saturday, 16 July 2016

Aikenway on Map dated 1654

The earliest map of Scotland that I can find was made in 1558. By 1654 the maps were quite detailed. The earliest map that I can find showing our property is dated 1654. Nearby Aikenway Castle, after which the farm was named, which was built high up looking down on the horseshoe bend of the River Spey was most probably built around 1400, but almost nothing remains. It is likely that the great house and, indeed, our house was built from the stones of the castle.

Our place, Aikenway Lodge, built on part of Aikenway Farm only dates from about 1840.

I thought you might like to see the map which is described as

Duo Vicecomitatus Aberdonia & Banfia, una cum Regionibus & terrarum tractibus sub iis comprehensis / Auctore Roberto Gordonio à Straloch.
Description of the two Shyres Aberdene and Banf, with such Countreys and Provinces as ar comprehended un  

A little more detail

Even more detail. Can you spot Aikenway?

Most country folk in the 1500's and 1600's lived in moss roofed Crofts 
or, later, stone walled Crofts with almost no light. It is reckoned that the peasants who farmed Aikenway most probably lived in such dwellings.

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