Saturday, 16 July 2016

A trip to Edinburgh

We recently travelled to Edinburgh. It is an ancient city and capital of Scotland with lots of green spaces. The centrepiece is, obviously, Edinburgh Castle, but the whole city is quite magical. Edinburgh is built on old volcanic rock and consists of many levels. Here are some pictures

The Royal Mile runs down from the Castle to Holyrood Palace

Halfway down the road is John Knox House built in 1490. It was the home to the fiery preacher, John Knox, author, reformist and founder of the Presbytarian Church which lived in the house around 1560.

Holyrood Palace and ruined Abbey are at the end of Royal Mile (as is the grotesque modern Parliament of Holyrood)

A little down the road is Surgeon's Museum. Quite facinating. I have sanitised it for you, but Paula was facinated!

Also below the castle is Grassmarket, a square with lots of activity.

It leads onto Victoria Street. I have shown two pictures - the first is looking up the street
and the second is looking down Victoria Street. What is so amazing is that there is a road above the street buildings and more buildings are perched above the upper street giving an impression of a vertical wall of buildings

The place to live in Edinburgh in the reign of Geo III was Charlotte Square. Number 7 is a Georgian house built as part of a row of houses built around the square in 1790. It is now a museum 

Heading out of Edinburgh are the Royal Botanical Gardens.

A memorable visit

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