Monday, 21 May 2012

We thought we would prepare a few pictures of the area around us.

This is an historic bridge built by Thomas Telford. It was the first time an iron suspension bridge was designed and Telford went on to build over 1,100 bridges all over the Uk based on this design. The bridge is a tourist attraction just next to the town of Craigellachie
Our property is 2 1/2 miles down a fairly uninhabited road. This road is lined with trees.

An bird's eye view of Speyside with the river flowing North to the coast.

Paula walking the dogs along the road to the river.
The River Spey is one of the famous Salmon Rivers and anglers come from all over Europe to fish here. It is wide but fairly shollow.
This picture is taken from the foot of our local hill, called Ben Aigen (407m high). Our property is exactly in the middle of the picture in the trees. The garden is full of trees and is sheltered from the wind. One cannot see the house through the trees from this angle.
This is an overview of Craigellachie - our nearest town. It is tiny and not much goes on there, but we do have a few larger towns nearby, the main one being Aberlour. Elgin is our nearest town for supermarket shopping about 12 miles away.

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