Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Peel's Progress

We have arrived and settled in Scotland. The first two weeks were challenging due to the hail, sleet, snow and ice. We were without water, heating, ablutions, hot water or Internet connection in our caravan. We bought a vehicle and slowly started getting things organised. The dogs arrived well and have settled down fairly well, but the cold does affect the older two. All dogs now have jackets at night.

Some pictures :
 The Cairngorms covered in snow in May!
 Paula in the caravan
 Ice greets our mornings (sometimes)
 View of house unrestored
 Kitchen with modern Range and heater!
 Rob Bertram watching our container being loaded for the Docks
 Our nearest neighbour.
 View of the back of the house from our field fence
 Back of the house with outbuildings - unrestored
 The Drawing Room
 Utility Room - the ceiling is caving in and too dangerous to walk in.
The garden - lots of work for Paula, but it has loads of potential.

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