Wednesday, 7 June 2017

5 Years in Scotland - retrospective

We arrived in the Scottish Highlands 5 years ago. One is always wrapped up in the moment, but I felt it is worthwhile to review what we have been doing.

We started out living in a static caravan on site in April 2012 whilst we started working on our derelict house which we had bought in 2008.

The house after gutting out the floors and ceilings

We finished restoring our house in December 2014

We then moved on to Pilmuir Gardens, Forres. A derelict Bar and Disco stood on the site which had to be demolished first

Then we started building the Flats
We have now sold two Flats and rented out two Flats

The Townhouses looked like this during the build
We have sold both Townhouses

Whilst this was going on, we purchased a Semi-detached house on Auction, which had been condemned (can you see a trend emerging?) in Fraserburgh and restored it and let it out. It is one minute's walk to the High Street.
We have been negotiating for some time to buy a Listed building in Elgin which was converted into Offices and is tenanted by two Firms of Solicitors (Attorneys). The pictures don't do it justice in that it has a Upper Ground floor, Lower Ground floor (with windows) and First floor. It is in good condition (surprise surprise)

The property was built in 1827 and is adjacent to large offices.

Putting this on paper has surprised us as we never thought we had been busy!

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