Saturday, 24 October 2015

Scottish Autumn

This view is taken from behind us. This view is typical of this area. The Barley is seeded in Spring using tractors fitted with computerised GPS positioning which drive themselves (the driver just sits back!) and it precision plants each seed. The cattle go into barns for 7 month and the Barley straw is used as bedding and then the manure is spread on the fields in Spring. Nothing is wasted and no artificial fertiliser is used. Only the best Barley goes into Whisky.

 The above picture is of a tree outside our bedroom window.

Some wonderful pictures of Autumn in Scotland :

Migrating Geese facinate us. They come down from Iceland and other more Northern countries to escape the Winter. They travel thousands of miles and their destination is England. They land on the North coast near Findhorn and graze in the fields before carrying on their way. One can hear their honking noise as they fly high overhead.
To see flying Swans migrating is also amazing. A Bewick Swan arrived in England 25 days earlier than normal. This presages the possibility that we will be in for a hard Winter.

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