Monday, 30 June 2014

Abbeys and Castles

We went to a performance of Music Fyne at Pluscarden Abbey, close to Nairn. The Abbey is home to the Benedictine Order and occasionally used for public performances. Part of the Abbey was rebuilt in the 1940's and enough of the fabric of the building remains.

One of the pieces they sung was John Rutter's 'Song for Athene' and we have attached a clip which you may care to open of this song. The arched and domed roof gives a lovely acoustic quality to the singing.

Our friends, the Irwin's, opened their garden for charity. It was classed as a Pop-Up Garden as one had only two days notice! this spontaneity seemed to work and we are sure that the Charities will be grateful for the goodly sum raised. It was a particularly hot day and just the ticket for encouraging people to visit. We were photographed on the day.

An interesting amateur play was performed in the ruins of 12th Century Huntly Castle, called "Who killed the Cock o' the North?" The 4th Earl of Huntly who owned many castles and much land in this part of Scotland in the 16th Century came up against Mary Queen of Scots and lost both his life and all his land as a result. The conspiracy to discredit him was mounted by the Queen's Chancellor, Earl of Moray. Action took place amongst the ruins and the scenes moved around so one was constantly moving to different places! A novel idea.

The two pictures below were taken at dusk as the play was proceeding.

Nearer to home, I managed to photograph a deer along the road from us. They are elusive and usually disappear before one can get one's camera out!

Paula's garden is coming along. 

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