Sunday, 17 March 2013

A Sermon at -3 degrees Centigrade

We are pleased to see so many Snowdrop and Daffodil bulbs coming up all over the garden. They have been quietly doing their own thing over the last few decades.
Paula gardening in Winter in the front of the house blissfully unaware of being photographed.

The Living Room is close to completion. The Library is through the far door.

This is the view of the first floor passage with the main bedroom beyond

The building team cast this little plaque commemorating the renovation

The tower foundation has been dug and the foundation has been cast. Note the first floor plank joining the two buildings - one must not look down!
I bet you thought that sheep are stupid. Here is a picture taken from my mobile just before it got dark. These sheep clearly devise different formations for their own amusement! Okay, there might be another reason.
The tree pictures above were taken about 20 miles from us. There was no snow around us so it was s surprise to run into such a change. The area is quite barren and higher up, but still it is amazing. The lower picture of a small loch (lake) shows that this area has not really melted yet.
These two pictures were taken at WorldHorseWelfare, the International horse welfare organisation that Paula supports. She is hoping to rehome a horse from them. They have 3 farms around Britain and rescue horses in distress. Established in 1929, originally as International League for the Protection of Horses. The Cart Horse Society in Elsies River, Cape Town is part of their reach.
These pictures of the seals were taken at Portgordon on the North East coast. The town cherishes the seals.

I attend St Margaret's Episcopal Church in the next town, Aberlour. It's a lovely stone built Church. Whilst it is heated in Winter, but I guess that the temperature can plunge a little, hence my comment about listening to a Sermon at -3 degrees Centigrade. My view is that if the Scots can do it, then I can do it!

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