Saturday, 22 December 2012

A Winter's Tale

We have now been in the first phase of our home for 1 month busily painting and decorating. Unfortunately, we have had no time to explore the area around us. We did, however go up to the North East coast and looked at the small fishing towns of Banff and McDuff.

This is Banff viewed across with bay with a choppy sea and a view of the town
Little did we know that the storm would develop later that day into the worst for decades and feature on the front page of the newspaper!
The picture above is of the neighbouring town of McDuff which also was affected by the gale.

The dogs like the fire! They have adapted very well to the snow and ice. Quite amazing really

We are not settled yet and chaos still reigns while we paint. We still have furniture stored in the stables, but have taken in as many pieces as we can so we will not get the rooms sorted out until we move into the rest of the house

This is a view of the Drawing Room
Dining Room
Guest Bedroom 3 which we are using
The garage roof is now on ready for slating. the first picture is taken inside the courtyard and the other on the West face (this is the original farmhouse facade before it was extended and converted to a Victorian hunting and fishing lodge)

We were lucky to be given a brace of pheasants which Paula prepared.Our first. Thank you Nicola
On the 3rd December we had nice fluffy snow and we took these pictures.

View from front of house
View of side garden
View over the river towards the small town of Rothes
View down our access road

A strange thing here is how many householders go quite beserk decorating their homes with Christmas lights! There is a massive rivalry to outdo your neighbour. Look at this one on the main street in Rothes!

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