Tuesday, 4 September 2012

A view at the back of the house. The building going up on the right (behind the shed) is the rebuilt garage. A burst of sun enlivens this picture!
The new Stables are on the left as one looks at the back of the house - the remnant of the original outbuilding is behind it.

A view of the gully between the two buildings showing all the rotten woodwork has been repaired and the slates replaced.

The end gable showing the Victorian Chimney pots which we have managed to acquire. We needed 18 pots - still 2 pots (or cans as they are called here) to go!
Out Slater on the roof repointing the Chimney

This is the front of the house. The wooden windows (most people install plastic PVC double glazed windows these days) are made in Finland to very high specifications. The windows are mostly in - a huge triumph!

The interior is coming along and we are striving to put back as many pine floors as we can manage from the flooring reclaimed from the house, beginning with the Drawing Room.

A view of the new upstairs with the first floor fitted.
Paula has battled away weeding this bank after 24 years of neglect. It's now ready for planting.
Crocuses rescued from the garden. A few plants have survived after 2.5 decades!
Hopeman is a tiny fishing village on the North East coast about 20 miles to the North of us. There are some quaint villages dotting this coast.

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