Saturday, 30 June 2012

Greetings from Scotland! Well, June has been the wettest since records began. That rates along with April! When one considers that March was the hottest for decades and May the coldest for 70 years, we are not sure what is happening, but we do love it here. What still amazes us is that the contractors leave their keys in their earthmoving equipment for weeks and that the lead and copper which came off the roof are still here after two months and that the workers tools are just left overnight. Not possible in SA I guess! The house stripping is coming to an end. The wooden windows have been ordered from Finland and now the challenge of rebuilding will soon begin. We do hope you like these and hope to see you back on our website soon. Love, Chris & Paula

The Rhododendrons look really good, even if the wrong variety! 

Our Maltese Poodle went into his first trim in a Scottish Dog Parlor - he usually looks similar to the dog on the left, but look what happened! We did not recognise him!
We are laying a 230 metres underground electric cable to the house over the field. Lots of hassle getting all the parties together as not one utility supplies power here.

The interior of the house in this section has now been stripped out giving the house cathedral-like proportions without the first floor

The porch was in poor condition and had to be removed. An action shot of it coming down.

The last thing to go was the staircase. Notice the fireplace in the sky.

It can get cold at night and our little terrier, Oxo, is taking no chances!

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